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December 06, 2019

Snag a year of Office 365 and a $50 Amazon gift card for $100 with this rare deal

What will it take to put you in this shiny new copy of Office 365 today? How about 50% off?

Dec 5

Amp up your TikTok videos with Google Play's app of the year

Glitch Video Effects offers more than 100 filters for your videos.

Dec 4

iPhone app of the year Spectre Camera uses AI to take photos that usually require a DSLR

Spectre lets you create long exposures and erase crowds of people, competing with the iPhone 11 and Google Pixel 4's advanced camera software.

Dec 3

These traffic cameras can spot you using your phone while driving

Australia will start implementing AI-powered mobile phone detection cameras this month.

Dec 3

Twitter launches Privacy Center to explain what it's actually doing with your data

The Privacy Center is meant to be an accountability tool, according to Twitter.

Dec 2

Facebook's Oculus acquires Beat Games

The two aim to "push VR to new heights."

Nov 27

10 apps to help you survive Thanksgiving

Enjoy turkey day without losing your sanity.

Nov 26

Guy makes dating app that features just one guy -- himself

The Singularity app has a singular focus: Aaron Smith.

Nov 26

Facebook's Viewpoints app will pay you to take surveys, perform tasks

The market research app is designed to improve the social media site, according to the company.

Nov 25

Microsoft scores license to export software to Huawei

It'll be able to export software to the Chinese tech giant.

Nov 22

Amazon and Food Network want to prove the future of kitchen tech is in smart displays

With the Echo Show 8 and the Food Network Kitchen app, Amazon is making a play for tech-enabled cooking.

Nov 21

Google lets you buy movie tickets through Duplex, its AI-powered booking system

The service is like autofill on steroids.

Nov 21

Tim Cook discusses Steve Jobs, environmental efforts and privacy at Dreamforce 2019

Cook made the comments in a fireside chat with Marc Benioff at Salesforce's Dreamforce conference in San Francisco.

Nov 20

Black Friday 2019 Adobe Creative Cloud deal: up to 40% off now through Nov. 29

It's a great deal, but watch that you don't get mired in an expensive ecosystem.

Nov 19

Careful, that 'Critical Microsoft Windows update' email is actually ransomware

Updating to Windows 10? Don't fall victim to this spam email attack.

Nov 19

Quickly record a video of your iPhone or iPad's screen

Screenshots are so 2016. With iOS 11 you can record a video of your iOS device's screen with a tap.

Nov 18

Android users beware: 146 bugs found in preinstalled apps

Kryptowire's DHS-funded research again exposes a battery of security threats.

Nov 15

Upgrade to Windows 10 for free right now

Microsoft is cutting off support for Windows 7 soon -- here's one thing you can do.

Nov 15

Google wants to help you pronounce words you don't know

Ever struggle with how to say "asterisk" or "quokka"?

Nov 14

iMessage vs. Google's new texting app: What's the difference?

Google finally launched RCS messaging, so Android users can see read receipts and typing indicators when texting, two features that used to be available only on iPhone.

Nov 14

Google Stadia reveals games, iOS app: Release date, price and everything else we know

Google's eagerly anticipated cloud-gaming service is less than a week away. Here's what to expect.

Nov 13

Brave 1.0 review: Browse faster and safer while ticking off advertisers

The privacy-focused browser uses cryptocurrency to challenge ad-tracking.

Nov 13

The best resume-building services to help you land a job

Need a resume boost? Try one of these websites or apps.

Nov 11

Chrome is not minding your privacy. Here's how to help it

Until Chrome starts helping you guard your privacy, these browser extensions can take on the work.

Nov 9

Beat holiday stress with a lifetime meditation subscription for $50

Get unlimited access to an AI-driven meditation app for iOS or Android.

Nov 8