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January 24, 2020

TikTok inks licensing deal with indie music hub Merlin

The deal means a large collection of indie music can be used on the wildly popular short-video app.

Jan 23

Google Stadia 2020 plans, newest games and everything else you need to know

Expanded Android phone support is on deck for early this year.

Jan 22

Google Stadia 2020 plans, newest games and everything else we know

Google's cloud-gaming service is out.

Jan 21

There were a ton of robots at CES 2020: Here's what that means

Robots have a lot of plans in the next decade, and it might not be a bad thing.

Jan 14

Windows 7 support ends: Everything you need to know

Move to Windows 10 to keep your machine safe from malware and other security issues.

Jan 14

Neon's artificial humans are scary-realistic, confusing and completely enthralling. Here's everything we know

These next-gen AI chatbots promise to keep your secrets, teach you yoga and help you find a great restaurant. Just don't ask about the weather.

Jan 14

Windows 10: Why upgrade time has finally arrived

Support for Windows 7 ends today.

Jan 14

Brain tech is here: These gadgets from CES 2020 rely on your brainwaves to work

Tech that uses brain waves to improve sleep, anxiety and concentration was on display in Vegas.

Jan 10

Dabby just might be the cure for your streaming subscription fatigue

For $400, Dabby will consolidate your TV streaming apps like Netflix and Disney Plus, and replace your Apple TV or Roku.

Jan 8

Netflix, Disney Plus and Amazon combine thanks to this streaming device

For $400, Dabby will consolidate your TV streaming apps and replace your Apple TV or Roku.

Jan 7

You can move this prosthetic hand with your mind

BrainCo's prosthetic hand is undergoing FDA approval and will cost around $10,000.

Jan 6

Sleep better at night by using this headband to train your brain during the day

The Urgonight headband helps people fall asleep 40% faster, and will be released later this year.

Jan 6

13 hidden iPhone and iPad gems in iOS 13.3: Screenshots, scrolling, better battery charging

We scoured Apple's iOS for the best new features that you might not know how to use.

Jan 5

Noom vs. Weight Watchers: Cost and more compared

Which weight loss app is better for New Year's goals?

Jan 4

TikTok might have built in a deepfakes maker on the sly

The "face swap" feature asks users to take a multi-angle biometric scan of their face, according to a report.

Jan 4

Google News reportedly ends digital magazines, refunds active subscriptions

Android Police posts an email sent to subscribers saying no new issues are coming and full refunds are being processed.

Jan 4

Google News ends digital magazines and refunds active subscriptions

Active subscriptions will be refunded, according to a report.

Jan 3

Windows 10: If you're not using these 11 tricks, you're missing out

Make life easier with these Windows 10 shortcuts.

Jan 3

6 things that will dominate CES 2020

The tech industry has new stuff to show you to make your life better.

Jan 3

TikTok releases transparency report as US lawmakers question Chinese ownership

The video app apparently got no user information requests from China, but plenty from the US.

Jan 2

Sharon Stone gets blocked on dating app Bumble

The actress tweeted that her fellow online daters thought her profile was fake.

Dec 31

WhatsApp ending support for Windows phones and other older devices

Older versions of Android, iOS and Windows phones won't support WhatsApp anymore.

Dec 31

New phone, who dis? Move Google Authenticator with ease

Transferring this key information is one of the first steps you'll want to take when getting a new phone.

Dec 25