Windows 10 tips: 40+ tweaks that make Windows easier to use

Windows 10 power users and novices alike can benefit from customizing the latest version of Microsoft's operating system to fit their unique needs. Whether it's removing an unwanted app, tweaking the Windows Taskbar, or swapping the Microsoft Edge browser for another browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, there are dozens of ways to make every Windows install more efficient and user-friendly.

With so many ways to optimize Windows 10, it can be difficult to know where to start, especially when the tweaks involve hidden features. That's why TechRepublic, CNET's sibling CBS Interactive website, has pulled together dozens of Windows tips, keyboard shortcuts, Start Button tricks, and more into several convenient PDF ebooks. You can access all of these Windows 10 customization guides by clicking the links below and signing up for a free TechRepublic account.