Google adds Stadia Premiere Edition: What we know about Stadia's price, games and speed requirements

Google dished the pricing and launch partnership details about Stadia, the cloud-gaming platform it formally announced in March, at its E3 event in the summer, but we got a firm launch date from the company at its annual Made by Google event: Nov. 19. In the interim, the Stadia Founder's Edition subscription sold out and was replaced with a same-price Stadia Premiere Edition, and news of disappointing limitations it will have at launch -- it will be Wi-Fi only and work only via the Chromecast -- has been trickling out.

Stadia games run on powerful cloud servers, which makes it possible to run sophisticated games on more lightweight hardware. It has been erroneously compared to services like Netflix and Apple Arcade because those are services people know and understand. In reality, it's much more like Nvidia GeForce Now and its competitors in that it serves you games you own to play on multiple devices. Google provides the platform and tools for developers to optimize games for streaming, and the subscription aspect of it is for extra features, such as 4K and freebies.

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The lowdown

Launch games include

Game publisher partners include

Originally published mid-2019.Update, Oct. 22: Added information about the Premiere Edition and initial Wi-Fi-only support.