AI now can spot fake news generated by AI

Researchers at Harvard University and the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab have created a tool to help combat the spread of misinformation. The tool, called GLTR (for Giant Language Model Test Room), uses artificial intelligence to detect the very statistical text patterns that give AI away, according to the team's June report.

GLTR highlights words in the text based on the likelihood that they'll appear again -- green is the most predictable, red and yellow are less predictable, and the least predictable is purple.

A tool like that could come in handy for social media sites like Twitter and Facebook that have to contend with rampant content created by bots.

In a study, the team said the tool improved human detection rate from 54% to 72% without prior training.

"We apply the insights from the analysis to build GLTR, a tool that assists human readers and improves their ability to detect fake texts," the report said in its conclusion. "GLTR aims to educate and raise awareness about generated text."

The researchers didn't immediately respond to request for comment, but GLTR is free and available for people try.