E3 2019: How to watch the Google Stadia Connect conference live

We're ready to be engulfed by the tsunami of gaming news that comes out of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) every year and that all starts with the press conferences. Our full E3 schedule is right here but if you're just trying to prepare for Google's vision of gaming in the future, we've got all the information you need right here.

But first! Surprise! Pricing details for Google Stadia have already leaked ahead of the event. More details are available in our full story. Stadia will reportedly will be $11.99 in Canadian dollars for 4K resolution and 60fps cloud gaming. Players will apparently get access to a suite of games for this price, whereas certain major releases will still need to be purchased the old fashioned way.

We expect these details and much more will be revealed at the conference today.

Where and when to watch Google Stadia Connect

That's an easy one: right here! Well, officially on the Google Stadia YouTube channel, but we've got the link right below. Connect will air before E3 officially kicks off on Thursday, June 6. The kick off time is a nice and early 9 a.m. PT, which equates to 12 p.m. ET if you're on the east coast. For those watching in the UK, you'll be just finishing work -- the stream is at 5 p.m. for you. For our Australian friends, you'll need to be up and about a 2 a.m. AEST, June 7.

Things are a little different this year. One of the "big three", Sony, decided against a big press conference spectacle, but we are getting a new entrant in the press conference battle to the death: Google Stadia. The search giant announced its new cloud-based video game streaming service back in March and they're ready to spill the details.

What is Google Stadia Connect?

We've covered Google's new foray into gaming in the past, but here's the abridged version:

What will we find out at Google Stadia Connect?

We should get a pretty comprehensive view of what Stadia will look like and when it's ready to launch. The YouTube channel currently says Google will "reveal more Stadia news, including pricing, games, and launch details."

That's basically everything we need to know right now. In addition, Google states the Stadia Connect series will offer access to news, events, games, features and more -- kind of like a Nintendo Direct or Inside Xbox might.