Nike Fit AR: Just do it -- just scan your feet with your phone

On the heels of the introduction of its self-tying Adapt BB sneakers, Nike is unveiling Fit, an AR feature designed to let you scan your feet to find the right shoe fit. The artificial-intelligence feature will be available through the Nike app, according to a Thursday release from the company.

Nike says Fit addresses the shoe industry's "antiquated" sizing methods. The tool has you scan your feet using your phone's camera and collects 13 data points to map your "foot morphology" for both feet. The scan is then stored in your NikePlus member profile.

After the scan, Nike will offer a "best fit for you" recommendation for footwear, whether you prefer shopping in-store or online. Additionally, you can try Nike Fit in a Nike retail store with the Nike Fit mat. If you're shopping for friends and family, you can use Nike Fit to scan their feet as well.

"In the short term, Nike Fit will improve the way Nike designs, manufactures and sells shoes -- product better tailored to match consumer needs," Nike said in the release. "A more accurate fit can contribute to everything from less shipping and fewer returns to better performance. The ultimate goal is, eventually, totally personalized product. No number, no gender, just your name and a custom-made pair of shoes."  

Nike didn't immediately respond to a request for further comment.