Pixel 3's camera can now detect kisses for photos with your boo

Available in the latest update to Google's camera app for the Pixel 3, Photobooth is a new feature that uses artificial intelligence to recognize kisses, clear faces and open eyes to automatically take a photo. With the update, users can just smile and pose in front of the selfie camera, without needing to fire off the shutter themselves. 

Known for its excellent camera, the Pixel 3 (and larger counterpart Pixel 3 XL) serve as Google's flagship phones for 2018. While many other phone competitors employ multiple rear cameras to boost photo quality, the Pixel 3 has only one rear camera that uses impressive software optimization (known specifically as computational photography) to capture stunning photos. Photobooth is optimized specifically for the phone's two front-facing cameras, and adds yet another AI component under the Pixel 3's belt.

Google engineers trained Photobooth to recognize five types of facial expressions, which are "smiles, tongue-out, kissy/duck face, puffy-cheeks, and surprise," as reported on Google's online post. (Rejoice single people, you can still use Photobooth with just the "duck face" expression.) As expressions change, Photobooth displays a dynamic white line that widens as the photo content "improves." Users can see on the line move in the camera app and adjust accordingly to trigger the shutter.

In addition to Photobooth, the Pixel 3 has other standout camera features that use algorithms to take better photos. Top Shot also recognizes good, clear expressions to suggest the "best" photo out of a series of burst shots. The camera's low-light mode called Night Sight brightens up dimly lit scenes without a flash.

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