Premiere Pro CC 2019 fixes MacBook Pro speaker-blowout glitch

Adobe on Friday pushed out an update to Adobe Premiere Pro CC via its Creative Cloud app to fix the glitch in the previous version that seemed to kill the speakers on late-model MacBook Pros.

The message was posted to the Adobe Community thread tracking the situation:

The original story about the bug, published Feb. 6, follows.

We don't often hear about software physically damaging hardware, and it's generally not widespread, which makes the "Premiere blew my MacBook Pro speakers" thread on Adobe's Premiere Pro forum all the more notable. And now you can hear it for yourself.

There aren't extensive complaints, though when 9to5Mac posted the news, readers piped up with "it happened to me, too" comments to its Twitter account. It also seems to be limited to the 15-inch 2018 MacBook Pro.

At the moment, there are lots of theories floating around as to why and when it occurs -- it seems to occur in conjunction with "an awful noise" and "apparently it happened because an effect was applied to the audio clip while it was still playing." While there are reports of the noise with headphones, we didn't see any claiming the headphones were damaged.

The accounts go back as far as November, but new ones keep surfacing.

Apple didn't reply to a request for comment; Adobe's looking into it.

Originally published Feb. 6.Update, Feb. 22: Added news about the fix.