Facebook reportedly keeps a list of people who are potential threats to its employees

Facebook keeps a list of hundreds of people, including users and ex-employees, who have made threats against the social media company and its employees, according to CNBC on Thursday. 

The company uses data from those people's Facebook accounts and sometimes tracks their location through the app when threats appear credible, CNBC reported. Some former employees who spoke to CNBC questioned the company's ethics, but others said that the tech giant is keeping its employees safe.

Facebook didn't immediately respond to a request for comment but defended its actions to CNBC.

"Our physical security team exists to keep Facebook employees safe," a Facebook spokesman said in a statement to CNBC. "They use industry-standard measures to assess and address credible threats of violence against our employees and our company, and refer these threats to law enforcement when necessary. We have strict processes designed to protect people's privacy and adhere to all data privacy laws and Facebook's terms of service. Any suggestion our onsite physical security team has overstepped is absolutely false." 

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