XBOX 360 ISO Extract

XBOX 360 ISO Extract 0.6 + crack keygen/serial

Mar 15th 2017

A friendly GUI to a very helpful application designed for XBOX360 owners in need of extracting content from their ISO backup files

XBOX 360 ISO Extract

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XBOX 360 ISO Extract addresses owners of modded XBOX360 consoles, helping them to work with their ISO files by extracting their contents in order to upload them to their console.

First things first though, it is not illegal to mod your console (you just void the warranty) as long as you do not play or manipulate copyrighted software using it that you do not own in the first place.

Leaving the illegal aspect of console modding aside and concentrating only on the almost legal side of things, XBOX 360 ISO Extract comes with support for XGD3 (Xbox game Disc 3), Microsoft’s new attempt at discouraging piracy.

While this is totally understandable, many users surely want to backup their bought discs and play them on their modded console, thus they are required to update their mods each time Microsoft releases a new protection technology and implements it on the new games.

With XBOX 360 ISO Extract, you can perform batch extractions of several ISOs at the same time. All you have to do is add the folder you are using to store the ISO backup copies of your games and the program automatically scans for the image files. You can also rescan the provided folder if its structure has been modified since the program initially scanned it.

Furthermore, the queue order is totally manageable by drag and drop with the right click button of your mouse, while renaming is also possible by pressing F2 or clicking on the path name. In case any other ISOs other than the ones you wish to extract are loaded within XBOX 360 ISO Extract, you can simply untick the check boxes that precede them.

Once everything is correctly set up, you can go on and start the process. Although XBOX 360 ISO Extract offers support for FTP transfers, this feature is not fully operational. We would recommend you go for a dedicated application for the FTP upload operation between your computer and your console.

The bottom line is that XBOX 360 ISO Extract is an application to take into account when looking for such software. The XGD3 support comes as a big plus while the faulty FTP characteristic is its heaviest problem. Surely, you can find a complete program that packs everything you need; however, you may also find XBOX 360 ISO Extract to be the tool to add to your arsenal.

Supported OS: Windows 8 64 bit, Windows 8, Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 7, Windows Vista 64 bit, Windows Vista, Windows XP

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