Win32/Sality Remover

Win32/Sality Remover

Jul 26th 2014

A useful and portable tool that is specialized in deleting the Win32/Sality.AM virus from your computer, while offering support for automatic scan mode which can be interrupted

Win32/Sality Remover

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Despite the fact the Microsoft strives to make Windows operating systems as secure as possible, malware threats might still breach the computer security and infect the PC.

Depending on the type of malware, various tools can be used. One of them is Win32/Sality Remover, an application developed by AVG for eradicating a specific Windows virus.

Win32/Sality.AM is a variant of polymorphic file infectors targeting Windows executable files featuring .SCR or .EXE extensions. Win32/Sality.AM can run a damaging payload deleting files with specific extensions while also killing security-related processes and services.

The benefit of using such a utility over a dedicated security solution is that removal tools specialize in detecting and removing specific viruses that might not be included in the virus definitions of the existing antivirus.

Win32/Sality Remover does not need to be installed onto the target computer as it runs out-of-the-box, simply by double-clicking its file. It is important to mention that your Windows registry doesn't get bloated with registry entries.

Plus, you may copy it on any USB flash drive or other devices and take it with you whenever you need to remove the Win32/Sality.AM virus on the breeze.

It automatically starts scanning the PC yet users can stop the process when needed. During this scan, one can view the total number of analyzed files, the infected ones, as well as the removed items.

If any of the scanned files cannot be accessed because it is used by the operating system or by another program, Win32/Sality Remover can schedule the scan and clean processes for the next OS restart, so that it is no longer interrupted by any disturbances.

This software can be run from the command-line, and depending on the parameters, it can be used to scan and disinfect a certain file, an entire folder or a drive. Needless to say, it is best if this action is performed by an expert, familiarized with Windows commands.

Although Win32/Sality Remover is efficient in detecting and removing Win32/Sality.AM variants, one should not rely exclusively on this application for ensuring PC security. A full-featured antivirus solution is essential for keeping the computer malware-free.

Supported OS: Windows All

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