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Sep 16th 2005

A cost effective solution to block system mechanisms exploited by keyloggers

Unlogger Crack + Serial Key Download

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Everyday, thousands of PC users become victims of malicious software. Every computer connected to the Internet cannot be considered safe from this danger. Viruses and Trojan Horses come to your computer through holes in the OS and browser protection, with free software you download or with malicious e-mail messages. Identity theft is the most popular e-crime today. Trojan programs monitor your keystrokes and send the results to hackers.

There are a lot of anti-virus tools that offer some protection. Unfortunately, in many cases, these tools are useless. Spyware removing tools use databases of known malicious programs when searching your computer. But, you should know that hackers regularly produce customized versions of their tools that will appear in anti-virus databases only after a certain number of reports from the victims.

The second important thing you should know about this is that keyloggers may be legitimate. Yes, that's true! There is a category of so-called nannyware tools. Software of that kind is intended to watch kids or employees. Usually, it tracks sites they visit and passwords they enter. Anti-viruses may not report such softwares since they are not viruses but parts of legitimate software packages.

Consequently, the only way to protect yourself from keyloggers is to prevent them from doing their treacherous job instead of searching for them on your disks. Despite their variety, all keyloggers use the same mechanism to monitor your keystrokes and text buffers. Blocking this mechanism offers you a brand new level of protection.

Unlogger is a cost effective solution to block system mechanisms that are exploited by keyloggers.

Unlogger protects your PC from all kinds of keyloggers, either known or unknown. It allows you to type as usual but does not let keyloggers steal the info you are typing.


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Supported OS: Windows All

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