McAfee AVERT Stinger Conficker

McAfee AVERT Stinger Conficker + crack keygen/serial

Apr 26th 2013

Remove Conficker worm from your system

McAfee AVERT Stinger Conficker

Download McAfee AVERT Stinger Conficker + Keygen Serial Crack

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McAfee AVERT Stinger Conficker provides you with an especially created standalone tool for cleaning the Conficker worm from your personal computer. This application fights one of the most discussed worms of all-time which is also known as Downup, Downadup and Kido.

The Conficker has been initially detected in November 2008 and it used, no wonder, a number of security flaws within the Windows operating system. Its advanced malware techniques were kryptonite for the antivirus solutions of that time, thus millions of computers have been infected again just like the 2003 Welchia worm did.

The symptoms of a PC hosting this unmerciful worm vary from the disability of the computer to access security related websites and administrator shares, random user lockouts or the presence of autorun.inf files in recycled folders. There is also a Conficker Eye Chart website developed by Joe Stewart, the Director of Malware Research with Dell SecureWorks, that helps you find out whether your computer is infected or not.

McAfee AVERT Stinger Conficker sports a simple yet effective interface that holds a configurable folder list for you to populate with directories you want to check. Once you have done that, you can choose to scan them for the Conficker worm or go further and access the Preferences or the virus list sections of the application.

The Preferences window helps you select the processes as well as the boot sectors to be scanned, the action to be taken once the virus is detected or other detection options such as scan self extracting executables, check files for MIME / UUEncoded content or scan inside compressed files / subdirectories / all files. The program also lists the variants of the Conficker worm that is able to detect and clean.

The bottom line is that McAfee AVERT Stinger Conficker is one of the best methods to get rid of the Conficker pestilence from your infected system. While the risk of contamination is almost null these days, your computer might get it if no serious antivirus solution is deployed on your PC. As soon as you encounter the above mentioned symptoms, you might want to check it for the Conficker worm with the McAfee AVERT Stinger Conficker tool.

Supported OS: Windows All

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