Lynx VirusScan

Lynx VirusScan 1.1.2 Crack + Serial Number Updated

May 30th 2015

A basic virus scanning solution for your PC that comes with intuitive and easy to use tools, making computer protection a simple task

Lynx VirusScan Crack + Serial Number Updated

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Lynx VirusScan is a lightweight security tool that can help you scan your computer, detect malware components and remove them.

The application displays a user-friendly interface and makes it accessible to all types of users. It provides you with the means to perform a thorough scan of your entire system or of a specific folder. If a virus is detected, it’s displayed in the scan window and placed in a list along with identification information and details about the harmful file.

In case the virus scanner lists as threatful applications and files that you know are in fact clean, you can add them to an omission list and the application ignores them from that point on. With Lynx VirusScan you also get to schedule daily or monthly scans. You can set the time, in hour and minutes, and the drive you want to scan.

Lynx VirusScan is also created to be a simple to use system registry fixer. To do so, you just have to select option to fix your registry and in just a few seconds, it’s done. With this tool you also get to recover hidden folders and files.

Since a lot of viruses make their way on your computer through the use of unsecure websites, Lynx VirusScan provides you with the option to block sites with adult content.

With Lynx VirusScan you are able to define new viruses and enhance your database, making it safer for you. A really good feature that Lynx VirusScan has is the possibility to share that database with someone else that is using Lynx VirusScan. The application allows you to create and export a shared user-defined database.

In closing Lynx VirusScan is a good and accessible anti virus solution to have thanks to its customizable database, scheduling plan and other helpful tools.

Supported OS: Windows All

What's new
  • Added : Menu for Upload Virus Sample
  • Added : Online status checker
  • Improved : More blacklisted websites
  • Improved : Usage Log

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