Avira Boot Sector Repair Tool

Avira Boot Sector Repair Tool + crack keygen/serial

Oct 22nd 2013

A practical, useful and effective antivirus solution that enables you to scan and clean your boot sector by removing all the infected files

Avira Boot Sector Repair Tool

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Avira Boot Sector Repair Tool is a reliable and lightweight software solution whose main purpose is to scan and clean your boot sector, as well as to keep your system secured against malware.

Nowadays, connecting to the Internet requires you to be more careful when it comes to downloading applications or adding your personal data into a random form because hackers do now how to infiltrate into your system and steal important documents that might compromise you or your business.

Although having an antivirus program installed onto your system is quite mandatory these days, it doesn’t need to be the most sophisticated application. Even though the interface is not so flexible and it does not come with advanced features, Avira Boot Sector Repair Tool does its job well done. You are required to select the directory or the partition you want to scan and view the generated report when the scanning process is done.

If the application reports an active virus in the memory you should reboot from your write-protected DOS disk. Since it comes with a practical interface and with a command-prompt utility as well, Avira Boot Sector Repair Tool comes in handy for both beginner and advanced users, so you can be rest assured that you will know how to work with the utility.

What’s quite interesting at this application is that it checks the boot record of the selected drive each time you change partitions and whenever you want to scan several floppies, you should select the ‘Check Boot Records’ feature.

Also, as we all might know, no boot record exists on ‘remote drives’. However, a boot virus may modify the DOS internal drive in order to make local drives look like remote ones. Most antivirus programs do not scan ‘remote’ boot records and all the malware and viruses that might severely affect your computer would therefore go unnoticed.

To sum things up, Avira Boot Sector Repair Tool enables you to check boot records, repair or simply remove infected files so you can get maximum efficiency from your system.

Supported OS: Windows All

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