Assassin SE

Assassin SE 5.1.1

May 14th 2008

Recover a hijacked network based Windows OS within minutes and all without rebooting or changing the system configurations

Assassin SE

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When malicious software invades your system, the most invasive ones will ensure that they are malignant. They will do this by editing the registry, installing browser helper objects, hijacking the Internet connection with layer service providers and, some

Some backdoor software will spawn or create clones of themselves in order to regenerate and become quite difficult to remove.

Most Spyware scanners will not be able to baptize the system until these programs shut down and your scanners are not capable of doing this when the malicious software regenerates. Even deleting their entries found in the registry may not help considering that some malware will detect this change and add themselves back into the registry.

Therefore, one must reboot into Safe Mode in order to ignore the startup list; however, it is now possible to detect, suppress, and remove these malignant processes without rebooting at all. With the release of Assassin, anyone operating a personal computer can recover a hijacked network based Windows operating system within minutes and all without rebooting or changing the system configurations.

Here are some key features of "Assassin":

■ A newly designed and optimized Graphical User-Interface (GUI) has truly made Assassin SE easier to use than ever before.

■ Our exclusive process termination technology is World renowned for being the most effective and powerful method to force away any unwanted process in a Windows system.

■ Has a built-in process ratings system which will visually alert you to any known malicious process running in your system. You no longer need to be an expert to know when your computer is in trouble.

■ Has a built-in process definitions system which will keep you in the know with what is running in your system. With over 11,000 definitions built right in, you will never be cut off from the information you need even if the malware hijack your web access.

■ You can now manually create your own custom SE Scripts or have one generated specifically for your PC using our Assassin SE Online web application. You can import these scripts right into Assassin SE and totally automate the process list configuration settings.

■ Our built-in update engine keeps your ratings and definitions current; at your own discretion, without nagging you to do so.

■ A new feature to the Assassin product; the Service Removal Feature, can remove malicious Windows Services from your system once and for all. There is no need to be an expert, because Assassin SE makes this process automatic and will guide you through the entire (one step) removal process.

■ Another new feature to the Assassin product; the Module Sniffer Feature, can help to circumvent the Windows "Access Denied" error by detecting which active processes are sharing the same resource(s), so that they can be closed; thus allowing one to delete the offensive process once and for all.


■ Microsoft Windows .NET Framework version 2.0

Supported OS: Windows NT, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2K

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