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March 27 2020

Detect and clean rottkits

AVG Anti-Rootkit

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Malware threats come in many forms, and the most efficient way to remove them is to use dedicated tools. For instance, viruses can be detected and cleaned by antivirus solutions, which might not be as effective against rootkits. A suitable tool for getting rid of this type of infection is AVG Anti-Rootkit.

Rootkits are malicious bits that, if not detected in due time, can gain administrator-level control over a computer, and modify settings pertaining to applications, registry or OS settings. If the infection is severe, the only solution to remove it might be to reinstall the operating system, therefore detecting the rootkits early can save a lot of time.

When setting up AVG Anti-Rootkit, users can choose to install the normal interface or the low graphics one, which is especially optimized for screen readers and which is recommended to those who have encountered issues with the normal one. After installation is complete, one needs to restart their computer before using the app’s functionality.

After reboot, users can start a regular search for rootkits or perform an in-depth scan, the former taking less time to complete than the latter. Needless to say, it is the in-depth one that is the most efficient, so users are advised to choose it if they are not in a hurry to complete the scanning.

Also, it is best if users do not launch any other applications during the scan, thus leaving all the computer’s resources to be used by AVG Anti-Rootkit so that no errors are triggered and the scan is finished as fast as possible.

As efficient as AVG Anti-Rootkit may be, it is not advisable to rely exclusively on it to protect the computer against malware, as it might be as thorough in detecting viruses, backdoors or trojans, so a complete antivirus solution is still required.

Supported OS: Windows XP

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